Arkansas APCD Universe Counts

The information contained within this spreadsheet provides high-level counts by submitting entity type, as well as by month and year, to help data requesters understand how many individuals and claims are contained within the Arkansas APCD.

All counts reflect a point in time represented by the end date of the coverage periods described on the first tab of the spreadsheet. Methodologies for each count category are included.

Data Requesters: Download the Universe Counts to inform the design of the data request.

To download the excel sheet, first click on the document to preview, then click on the cloud to download.

Count Category


Count Category


  • Arkansas Works Data                                               

  • Commercial, Fully Insured Data

  • Arkansas Employee Benefits Division Data

  • Arkansas Medicaid Data                   

  • Arkansas Qualified Health Plan Data

  • Arkansas Medicare Data

  • Vital Statistics Data - Arkansas Birth Certificate Data

  • Vital Statistics Data - Arkansas Death Certificate Data

  • Inpatient Hospital Discharge Data (uninsured or self-pay patients)

  • Emergency Department Data (uninsured or self-pay patients)

  • Cancer Registry Data

  • Medical Marijuana Cardholders Data

  • Arkansas Workers' Compensation Data