DSG 8.0.2022 Technical Change

Date Submission Guide 8.0.2022 Technical Change

Update: A technical change to the Arkansas APCD Data Submission Guide 8.0.2022 has been released to address and correct typographical errors and confusing requirements. This version should be used instead of the version released on 12/1/2021. See the revision history for new changes.

NEW! Because small corrections can be made periodically, the table below has been expanded to include a DSG Technical Change Summary. Submitting entities can review the change list to quickly determine the change’s impact.

Two formats of the revised DSG are available – one with comments and one without comments.    The version with comments identifies changes, existing and new, in the Revision History section and on the page where the revision occurs.  This enables the submitting entity quick and easy identification of the changes.  The format without comments identifies changes in the Revision History section only.

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FINAL DSG Version 8.0.2022 technical change with comments*


FINAL DSG Version 8.0.2022 technical change without comments*


DSG Layout - Excel Version of DSG 8.0.2022 technical change


DSG Supporting documentation

(this section contains documents that can help the submitter better understand the DSG field requirements)

Medicaid Federal Aid Category values


DSG 8.0.2022 Technical Change Summary


Added 3/23/2022

37. Because the field length was changed for ME033 and ME157A from 4 to 3, the following two values must change:

Original:  OTHR, New:  OTH

Original:  UNKN, New: UND

Added 2/23/2022

29. Reduced required field length from 6 to 2 to accommodate newly required values for ethnicity fields ME025, ME026, ME156A, ME166A.

30. Removed the Federal Codes column from Appendix I: Ethnicity.  State values are required, not Federal.

31. Reduced required field length from 4 to 3 to accommodate newly required values for language fields ME033, ME157A.

32. Corrected reference to Bill Type value from 014 to 14 for Point of Origin field MC021.

33. Removed ‘or NULL’ from reference for ME163A.  This field must be populated.  NOTE:  This functionality has been in place since 2018.  This is a documentation correction.

34. Replaced the instruction to ‘leave blank’ with ‘leave empty’ to comply with submission standards for fields MC910, PC910, DC910.

35. Corrected typographic error in dependency for DC915A.  Dependency should be “100% when DC911 is not null”.  

36. Removed duplicate PB038 and adjusted row numbers up. 

*Version 8.0.2022 with comments marks and explains the individual changes to the previous DSG version.