Data Request Data Element Lists

Data elements available from the Arkansas All Payer Claims Database (APCD) for data requests are provided on the documents below.

Data Requesters: Download the data element list(s) required for the project described in the data request application form. Select the desired data elements and provide justifications. Include in the data request package submitted to the HTI Arkansas APCD team for processing.

Data Submitters: Please do not use the data element lists provided on this page. Use the DSG Layout - Excel format provided at this link:


To download the excel sheets, first click on the document to preview, then click on the cloud to download.


Data Categories



Data Categories


Arkansas APCD Claims Based Data:

  • Commercial Carrier

  • Arkansas Medicaid

  • Member Enrollment Data

  • Medical Claims Data

  • Pharmacy Claims Data

  • Provider Data

  • Appendices


Arkansas APCD Claims Based Data MCR:

  • Medicare Data (FFS)

  • Professional and Office Visit Claims

  • Inpatient, Outpatient, Hospice, Home Health, DME, and Skilled Nursing Facility Claims

  • Pharmacy Claims

  • Additional Beneficiary Information


Arkansas APCD Non-Claims Based Data

(including Arkansas Workers Compensation Data)


  • Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) Vital Statistics Data

    • Birth Certificates

    • Death Certificates

  • ADH Hospital Discharge data for the uninsured

  • ADH Emergency Department Data for the uninsured

  • ADH Arkansas Cancer Registry Data

  • Arkansas Workers Compensation Data

  • Arkansas Medical Marijuana Cardholders


These data element lists have corresponding Data Dictionaries for data requesters' use when selecting data elements or understanding data received from a data request.

Also see the Tip Sheet to understand contextual data uses and/or issues for data elements.