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APCD Data Requester Tips & Issues

The following tables contains information about data quality or data nuances that affect data in the Arkansas APCD. This information is provided at the Submitting Entity (SE) level where applicable, otherwise, the issue described affects all SEs. Data requesters should review and consider each of these as they move forward with their stated use of the data.

Data Issues entries will be resolved, where possible, and the correction will be available in future Arkansas APCD releases. Resolution is being actively pursued for items in this section. 

Data Tips entries cannot or will not be addressed. Actions to work around or nullify the issue are provided where possible. 

Resolved Issues entries are issues where resolution has been achieved. The Update Date will indicate when the correction was made available in the Arkansas APCD release. If your data set receipt date is older than the update date, you may still experience the issue in your data set. 

Please Note

When using the Arkansas APCD, you may encounter issues which are not documented on the Tip Sheet. Please advise the Arkansas APCD Support Team of any concerns or issues here: The Support Team will respond to your questions and work to resolve any issues. 

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